Free Coffee For Your Customers Creates Profits for Your Business

Should You Provide Free Coffee for Customers

How many times have you walked into a business and smelled the fantastic aroma of freshly brewed coffee? A bunch? Maybe a few? How about once in awhile? Chances are, unless you are visiting a coffee shop, not that many. Why do more business not have free coffee for customers?

It baffles me, especially since coffee is the number one consumed beverage in America. People love coffee and your customers love free coffee.

Now that I have your attention, here is a coffee that I'm certain you will enjoy.

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How free coffee creates profits for your business.

A little over 30 years ago, when I started my career in outside sales, there was one particular distributor that always had a pot of coffee brewing for customers. (They had popcorn in the afternoons.)

It didn't matter when I went in this business, there was always free coffee. But it was more than the coffee. The people sitting around drinking coffee were doing something else. They were writing up their orders for the jobs they had to do that day. 

In the lobby/customer service area, there were two or three cafe style booths with order pads, pens and empty coffee cups. The customers could come in, grab a cup of free coffee, then sit at a booth and write their orders. 

As they sat there, drinking their coffee and talking with the employees of the business, they would strike up conversations about business. This was the perfect environment and time for employees to suggest "add on" products which increase the order size. And profits. You could call it an in house coffee meeting.

They kept coming back.

It din't stop with coffee drinking and order writing. It created relationships much like you would in a coffee shop. But in this case, it was an electrical distributor business.

These relationships built over a cup of free coffee kept the customers coming back. Now I'm not sure how much additional profit was made by serving free coffee, but I will say this. There were a whole lot of repeat customers with order pads, pens and lots of supplies being loaded into their trucks.

Apply it to your business.

You can easily take this lesson in free coffee and apply it to your business. If you have a business with walk-in customers, serve up some coffee. If coffee is not your thing, remember the popcorn? The point is, your customers love the little things like free coffee and the individual attention. 

When you provide the little extras, your customers will remember, come back and give you more money. And that's what keeps your business open.

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