Eggnog Flavored Coffee Season Is Here!

If there is one drink I like as much as coffee, I would have to say it is eggnog. But when you combine the two for a great eggnog flavored coffee, well, now you’re really talkin’. Eggnog flavored coffee just makes the season that much happier. read more


Potpourri Emporium Deals Offers Lots of Savings

If there is one thing that people have in common other than enjoying a good cup of coffee, it’s a great deal while shopping online. Potpourri Emporium Deals is an up and coming site that offers some really good deals on a wide variety of products. From Home decor to kitchen tools, this is one site I suggest you keep an eye on them if you love to shop online…and find good deals. read more

Is Coffee Good For You

A Few Things I Am Not – But I Still Drink Coffee

I always enjoy watching them flock around the bird feeder, vying for a spot where they can enjoy a morning feast before starting their day. They remind me of a coffee drinker having a morning cup of coffee before starting the day’s activities. A list of things I am not with the antidote of what I am. Helping you through your daily life with coffee. read more


It’s Not All About Coffee But Most of It Is

What? Don’t tell me it’s not all about coffee! That’s right. It’s not all about coffee. There will be more opinions and conversations about other stuff. Stuff like life, maybe a dash of politics and current events (don’t worry, I look at the lighter side of all that stuff) fun stuff, and lots of opinions about stuff. read more