Is Coffee Good For You

This Is for the Serious Coffee Drinker

Coffee doesn’t have to be so serious and that is why this is for the serious coffee drinker. Listen up serious coffee drinker or anybody who just enjoys a good cup. Coffee is complex but drinking and enjoying it doesn’t have to be that way. read more

destroy your marriage

Dumb Headline on How to Destroy Your Marriage

“How to Destroy Your Marriage in 8 Easy Steps”. Talk about dumb headlines, this one headline on marriage struck me as quite strange. I had to read it a couple times before I finally gave in to scan the article. read more

coffee drinkers love coffee

Opinions on Social Topics

When have you ever been in a Starbucks or local coffee house and there wasn’t lots of conversations and opinions on social topics going on? Never. read more

use coffee grounds for plants

If You Use Coffee Grounds for Plants Will They Love You?

People are not the only ones who love their coffee. When you use coffee grounds for plants, it is just another way to spread the love of coffee. My mother use to take her used coffee grounds and sprinkle them around the base of many of her potted plants. So, do they work? read more

the morning coffee cup

What Is The Best Coffee For Morning

Wake up coffee lovers and read this! So many want to know what is the best coffee for morning. The answer could be something you may not want to hear. Especially if you love your morning coffee. read more

does black coffee have calories

Does Black Coffee Have Calories

I’ve never thought about it much, but does black coffee have calories? I’m not real sure why people would want to know and especially coffee drinkers. But to answer your question… read more