You Know You Love Coffee When…

You know you love coffee, when you go to bed at night and all you are thinking is how good a morning coffee cup filled with that steamy beverage will taste.

You just can’t wait to get to sleep so the night will pass by quickly and you can jump up and start on your first cup of coffee. But what will it be?

Do you start with an easy breakfast blend or go straight for the extra bold?

The Morning Cup of Coffee

You may like starting with a smooth and easy breakfast blend, one that will slowly stir your senses. Or you may like jumping in off the high board, diving right into a good cup of extra bold full of flavor.

For me, I love coffee and I have to say the extra bold is normally what I like to get things started. My second cup is when I like a good smooth breakfast blend finishing out my mornings.

Do You Love Coffee?

What about you? Do you love coffee so much you dream about it? Even if you don’t, what coffee do you put in your morning coffee cup to get you started?

The one that gets me going in the mornings is Green Mountain Coffee Fair Trade Organic Sumatran Reserve. This is a really good coffee. Extra bold, full of flavor and one you will remember.

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  1. I think this is exactly who I am. Yes, I love coffee. Think I will hit the sack now so I can dream about tomorrow morning’s coffee.

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