9.5 Reasons Why You Should Drink Coffee

cups of coffee per dayYou love coffee and you drink lots of it. Maybe you do maybe you don’t.

Regardless of whether you enjoy the brew or not, you have to admit, there are a whole lot of people in the world that love to drink coffee. Everyday. Many cups a day. Lots of coffee.

But whether you really enjoy a good hot cup of coffee or not, here are 9.5 reasons why you should drink coffee.

The Reasons Why You Should Drink Coffee

Reason 1. It smells so good in the mornings when it’s brewing, you might as well drink it.

Reason 2. Drinking coffee will increase your life expectancy, or not.

Reason 3. Coffee is good for you. At least this week’s study says so.

Reason 4. Your Aunt Betty gave you a new insulated coffee mug for Christmas so you feel pressured to use it. (for coffee)

Reason 5. You don’t want to be the only one in Starbucks drinking water with lemon. Duh.

Reason 6. Coffee goes great with donuts. Do I need to list any more?

Reason 7. Drink more coffee to do your part for society. You will be keeping the coffee pickers employed.

why you should drink coffee

Reason 8. If John Wayne was drinking coffee in a movie, then that is a compelling reason why you should drink coffee.

Reason 9. When you drink coffee, it makes you want to buy some coffee cup wall clocks to put in your kitchen.

Reason 9.5 The ultimate reason you should drink coffee is the simple fact that it simply makes you smile.


There you have it. 9.5 real reasons as to why you should drink coffee. There may be other reasons, but these are the only ones you need to know in order to tell if you really do love coffee.

Your Turn

Do you have any other reasons as to why you should drink coffee? If you do, share them with us in the comment section. It’s ok to have a cup of coffee while you do.

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