Why Do People Drink Coffee? Results from The Morning Coffee Cup

cool coffee namesWhy do people drink coffee? A better question may be, why do you drink coffee? As I was finishing a cup this afternoon, I got to thinking about it a little more. I drink it because I like it. Coffee seems to have a soothing effect on me. It doesn’t get me all hyped up, unless I have too many cups, then I may start to feel the effects of the caffeine. So why do people drink coffee?

Why Do People Drink Coffee

The more I thought about this, the more I wanted to find out from a few friends, why they drink coffee. So I asked the question. My results are not anything earth shattering, nor are they a in-depth scientific study. But they are the results from real coffee drinkers, people that I know drink coffee.

My Results from a Casual Point of View
1. People like the way their coffee tastes. This is the number one reason I found that answers the question, why do people drink coffee. I find it rather interesting as well. I believe you have to acquire a taste for coffee. I know I did when I first started drinking it. But now that I have, I truly enjoy the way a good cup of coffee tastes.

Regardless of this thought, the number one reason I found is because people like the taste. I didn’t ask if they like it black or with creamer. However, from what I observed, most of the coffee drinkers enjoyed their beverage with creamer, or in the form of a latte or cappuccino. Many even added things like whipped cream and other flavorings and toppings. If you want some really good coffee recipes, this is the best book I have found and you just may start to like your coffee even more. If that is possible.

2. I drink it because it’s trendy. Surprisingly, many of those I spoke with only drink coffee because it is trendy. It’s the thing to do. Even though they may like coffee, the taste was second to being in the “in crowd” of trendy coffee drinkers. I’m not sure about this one. I think they secretly like the way coffee tastes regardless.

3. Coffee helps sharpen my attention. This is nothing new here. College students seem to be among the many who drink coffee to help them stay alert. Yes, caffeine will do that to you. It can stimulate your brain into a “rush” or a sense of alertness where other drinks may not.

4. I can’t do without my coffee. This to me indicates a sense of coffee addiction. There are those few I spoke with who actually feel they can’t function without their coffee. They may have started drinking coffee actually enjoying the taste, but as they kept drinking over the years, they feel they have come to the point where without coffee, they would simply shut down.

These are the top four reasons to the question, why do people drink coffee.

For me coffee is all about the taste and the enjoyment I get from drinking a fine cup of my favorite beverage. Coffee. Since I only get my coffee from small batch roasters such as Pinebrook Coffee Roasters or Black Oak Roasters, I have to admit that the coffee I drink, I actually do so because I enjoy the taste. Coffee for me is the catalyst to thought and relaxation.

Whatever the reason may be, if you drink coffee, I hope you do so for the taste.

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  1. I agree. I drink it for the taste and enjoyment. Sure you may have to acquire a taste for coffee, but once you do, people drink coffee for the taste.

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