Whimsical Kitchen Coffee Clocks to Brighten Your Kitchen

Whimsical Kitchen Coffee Clocks will make decorating your kitchen or coffee space fun. Coffee clocks add charm, character and lots of fun to your space. Like this coffee cup pendulum wall clock.

Since you love coffee so much, as we all do, it only makes sense to add some fun to your kitchen decor. Whimsical kitchen coffee clocks are the perfect way to get started. They add character, charm and make great conversation pieces. Every kitchen needs some whimsical kitchen coffee clocks to help make your coffee time fun. Like this coffee cup pendulum wall clock.

When it comes to whimsical clocks, you can let your imagination go a bit crazy. They come in so many different styles from funny faces, to the arts or simple designs with just a few beans.

What I like about this coffee cup pendulum wall clock the most is the colors. It has such a cheery, inviting and yes, whimsical look to it. It is rather retro looking yet it would fit in lots of different design styles. It reminds me of my grandmother’s kitchen. Always inviting.

Whimsical Kitchen Coffee Clocks

You can put them anywhere you want to add a bit of charm and character. Not just in your kitchen. Add a fun coffee clock to your bar area near your coffee cups, or that fab sunroom where you enjoy your morning coffee and a bit of quiet time.

If you have trouble finding just the right design for your coffee clock, pick up a DIY Clock Kit and make your own. This is a great way to get the kids involved in some together time.

Check some really cool whimsical clocks here.



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Coffee Cup Pendulum Wall Clock

It's just a fun clock. My grandmother had a pendulum clock, thought it wasn't a coffee cup shape, I still enjoyed hearing the tick and watching it swing back and forth as a kid.

Now that I'm a coffee drinker, I enjoy searching for fun, whimsical coffee stuff. When I found this one I just knew I had to share it here. If you want to get the details, check it out at Amazon.

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