When It All Runs Together, What will Make You Different

it all runs together

When it all runs together...

Have you ever found yourself reading a few blogs and so much of what you read just seems to all run together? It doesn’t matter if it’s about lifestyle or marketing, or how to brew coffee, it’s all the same-o-same-o.

Even with coffee blogs it can be that way. And yes, I’m guilty too. But standing out from the crowd is not always an easy thing to do. My take on pretty much everything is from a logical point of view with a big splash of informality, coupled with two shakes of weird. You might say, different.

Maybe you like it or not, but that’s my style. If I can make you move past the “it is what it is” mindset, then I’m happy. That’s how I approach things when it all runs together.

Disclaimer: There are actually some really good blogs that I follow and love to read. I look for the thinkers who know how to make you think too. Hint: Chris Brogan.

When it all runs together…

To often we read something and simply agree. I notice this on lots of blog comments. “Oh Blogger, I totally agree…” Yeah right. (okay, so I’m guilty of this one too)

But no more! I vow to never again simply agree with what I read or hear or am told, without first asking why. Why would you not want to use your own mind to think and respond exactly how you feel about the topic? Hint: standout! 

You and I are not robots without a brain. Though sometimes it does feel like we are being programmed to respond from a specific set of instructions. Like some binary bits in the depths of a mindless computer. But know more!

It’s time to break out…

Yes I meant to say “know more.” It’s all about asking why. If it all runs together, here are a few things you can do to break out from the pack. Be you because nobody else can.

  1. Ask Why. Asking this question will get you more answers than any other question you could ever dream up. Why?

I think I’ll just stop here and let you think about it. When it all runs together, that’s a good solution. Ask why, then think about it.

Once you have all the answers you need, or at least some good ones, come back to your idea and proceed to be awesome!

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