What Is a Healthy Lifestyle and Does It Include Coffee?

serious coffee drinkerIt seems everywhere you look these days, people are concerned with their healthy lifestyle and way of living. But what is a healthy lifestyle? Is it just eating right with plenty of exercise and sleep? That’s part of it, but my question is, does it include coffee?

Since you can find arguments for and against coffee being healthy, I’ll go with this. If you enjoy coffee and feel okay, drink it. On the other hand, if coffee is not a beverage you enjoy, then it doesn’t matter whether it is healthy or not.

What Is a Healthy Lifestyle and Does It Matter if You Enjoy Coffee?

To me, part of a healthy lifestyle is enjoying the things you do, the foods you eat and a good cup of coffee. Who says you have to eat certain foods that don’t include bacon? If you enjoy it, that is part of healthy.

Sure you want to eat foods that are good for you and you don’t want to drive without a seatbelt. But if you have to cut out coffee, and you really do enjoy a good cup, then how healthy is that?

So what is a healthy lifestyle? I guess my point is be sensible, in all you do including drinking coffee. Moderation is a good thing. Whatever you do, enjoy it and to me, that answers the question, what is a healthy lifestyle.

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