Just What Is 100% Pure Kona Coffee?

100-pure-kona-coffeeThat’s a good question. Just what is 100% pure Kona Coffee? Better yet, why should you care? Let me tell you why. As a coffee lover, you want the best coffee you can get. You want a coffee that you know will taste great. Well, this is one of them. 100% Pure Kona Coffee.

Still, what is this “Kona” coffee and just how good is it? Here is a summary of this coffee that you have got to add to your list of coffee to drink.

The Kona Coffee Story

First, so you can get your bearings, Kona is in Hawaii. It is about the furthest point on the globe from coffee’s ancestral origins in the mountains of Ethiopia. It took hundreds of years to reach Hawaii where it finally became established as the only place in the United States where coffee is commercially grown.

The first record of coffee in Hawaii was a planting in 1813 by Don Paulo Marin. The first attempt to cultivate was unsuccessful. Kona coffee had a rough start on the islands with several tragic deaths in the 1820’s. Today, the coffee is still picked entirely by hand and Kona Coffee farmers take great pride in the uniqueness of their crop.
On the Big Island
During the time when Kauai was venturing into commercial coffee-growing, small farmers on the Big Island of Hawaii, where the climate was noticeably producing excellent crops, found themselves with enough coffee to begin exporting and selling their crops of coffee.

And, while coffee was being grown in several areas on the Big Island of Hawaii, it began to be noticed that coffee grown in the District of Kona on the Big Island was unique. The coffee beans were larger and when it was roasted the coffee had an unusually smooth quality. Coffee from the Kona District became in demand by coffee connoisseurs and by the finest hotels and clubs across the country. The name “Kona Coffee” became, and remains, synonymous with coffee of extraordinary quality in texture and taste.

100% Pure Kona Coffee

Only coffee that has been grown in the geographical District of Kona, and meets all the criteria of The State of Hawaii, qualifies for the Certification of 100% Pure Kona Coffee, a highly prized stamp of approval indeed!



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