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warhorse coffee review
Many times before I review a coffee, I’ll read the label and even check out the website to see what the roasters themselves have to say. This time it was different. I saw the image of the warhorse on the front of the bag and decided to go for it. Without reading the label first.

I had pictured a steed, charging the battle lines while the rider was raising a cup of coffee rather than his sword. After the first taste…

Warhorse Coffee Review

The image never changed. The battle was a victory. The coffee was great. While reviewing the battle with his army, the general had yet another cup of coffee in hand. You may wonder which coffee he was drinking. Warhorse coffee of course.

Let me start my Warhorse Coffee review with the label, which I read only after I had tasted my first cup.

Warhorses. Napoleon had Marengo. General Ulysses Grant, his faithful Cincinnati. When your morning turns into a battle, we’ll lend you our steed – a dark roast with a firm backbone and bold overtones of dark chocolate and toasted walnuts. Now you’re ready to win the day!

As a coffee drinker with a casual approach to my reviews, I find the warhorse coffee is one that even refined coffee drinkers would enjoy.

My Warhorse Coffee review started with the opening of the bag. Inhale. Full aroma. Relax. Inhale again. I knew it would be a coffee that I would really enjoy.

Brewing Method
I now use my Chemex exclusively to brew my coffee. For my Warhorse Coffee review, it was no different. A single cup of hot water slowly seeped through the ground coffee. The aroma drifted to my senses again. Deep, rich, full of flavor coffee.

The Coffee, The Taste
As I sit here writing my Warhorse coffee review, I’m drinking yet another cup of the really good coffee. Actually, I think it is great coffee. The first thing I noticed, as I took my first sip, was the absence of bitterness that some coffees have.

While tasting, I actually had that image of a general riding a great steed into battle, coffee in hand. Yes, the battle is engaging, but the coffee is the victory.

The guys at Copper Horse Coffee took these beans into battle and emerged with a victorious blend of coffee you will surely enjoy. (I’ll be having a second cup this morning very soon)

The Warhorse Coffee is a blend of beans. Papua New Guinea Waghi Valley Sumatra Lake Tawar. That’s for those of you who study the various regions of coffee.

Conclusion of my Warhorse Coffee Review
If your mornings are a battle for you, if you find yourself needing a little extra encouragement to become engaged with the day, then get it started with a cup of this delicious, easy to drink, exciting coffee. Be the general you are destined to be. But always take your Warhorse into battle.

Roaster: Copper Horse Coffee
Twitter: @copperhorseco

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