Van Houtte Butterscotch Light Roast Coffee

Do you ever grow a bit tired of the same coffee day in and day out? So do I. Today I was browsing through my local BedBath & Beyond and came across some flavored coffee that I thought sounded interesting. Van Houtte Butterscotch. Now I love butterscotch candy so, yep, I picked up a pack of K-Cups for my Keurig. So how is the taste?

The Taste of Van Houtte Butterscotch

The first thing I noticed when it started brewing was, of course, the aroma. It really did smell delicious. Still I wasn’t sure how it would taste.

I’m not keen on black coffee but I did take a sip just to get the full effect of the coffee itself. The butterscotch flavor really did come through. Since I always use creamer in my coffee I put some in the cup and…

It Really Did Taste Like Butterscotch!

I was surprised at how good it did taste. This Van Houtte Butterscotch Light Roast Coffee is really good. It’s light, smooth and doesn’t leave any strong lingering coffee tastes. Just good coffee.

For those lazy and relaxed mornings, this is a great choice. I will stick to my dark roast coffees for getting me started on workdays but this is a tasteful alternative when you want something with flavor and good taste.

After a cup of my Van Houtte Butterscotch coffee, I decided to look for an online source where I could simply order it.

I found it on Amazon of course, and the shipping is free when you spend over $35.

Conclusion, it’s good coffee, light and easy and I do recommend you at least give it a shot.

Let me know if you do and what you think of it.

Van Houtte Butterscotch Light Roast Coffee

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