Under Counter Coffee Pod Storage A Space Saving Idea

Finally, a solution to that will save you space. One cool under counter coffee pod storage drawer. This one solves the problem of all those storage devices that clutter your counter top.

If you love your K-cup coffee but are tired of the clutter, then the under counter coffee pod storage drawer just may be for you.

The Coffee Pod Storage Problem

How many storage devices have you had, that don’t work and clutter your counter, that are suppose to keep your coffee pods in order? Too many you say?

You know the ones I’m talking about. There is the coffee pod tree that never seems to fit in the space on your counter where you want it. And don’t forget the little wire baskets where you pile them in but then can’t find the coffee you want to drink.

Don’t forget the box they come in. You know the one where you tear out the front creating an opening too small to manage. Well, maybe you should forget that one. Too frustrating.

The Under Counter Coffee Pod Storage Solution

You have tried them all and nothing seems to be just the right solution for you. Until now.

The under counter coffee pod storage drawer is the best way I have found to not only store your coffee pods, but it saves loads of space. No more clutter.

This Kamenstein White Coffee Pod Organizer is perfect for utilizing unused space under a shelf for increased storage. Will fit onto shelf thicknesses between 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch thick and at least 12 inch deep.

Features a sturdy wire frame and spring that holds the storage drawer in place when opening and closing. No fasteners required, simply slide into place.

Includes 1 large and 2 medium dividers, allowing for option to use as coffee pod organizer to hold up to 25 coffee, tea or other pods.

This is the one I recommend. The one under counter coffee pod storage drawer that works for me.
White Coffee Pod Organizer
White Coffee Pod Organizer

If you have a better solution tell us about it.

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