7 Things a True Coffee Drinker Will Never Say

true-coffee-drinkerWhen it comes to coffee, a true coffee drinker will never say certain things. That is part of what makes us coffee drinkers. We love our coffee, which there is no doubting, though it is not the only beverage on earth.

I can’t recall ever hearing a coffee drinker say these 7 things. If I do, I would most definitely have to question their loyalty to this wonderful drink we call coffee. There is no substitute for coffee.

Now, what are these things a true coffee drinker will never say?

A True Coffee Drinker Will Never Say…

See if you agree with this list of 7 things you as a coffee drinker will never utter. And please, if you are a true coffee drinker, help those whenever you hear them say these phrases. Remind them they are coffee drinkers.

  1. Make mine an iced tea.
  2. I’ll have tea with my eggs and toast.
  3. Let’s get together and have a tea.
  4. I’m a tea drinker, I don’t do coffee.
  5. Coffee stresses me out.
  6. Coffee is addicting.
  7. I’ll have tea instead.

Don’t Say Tea
Not to shun tea drinkers, because I do enjoy a good glass of tea from time to time but a coffee drinker is just that, and they don’t say tea. Hey, we wouldn’t be coffee drinkers if we did.

Being one who loves coffee is sort of like being a Texan. We know our state it the greatest and we know coffee is as well.

So drink up. Your coffee that is… and enjoy it every day.

Your Turn
I’m sure you could add several sayings to the list and if you would like to share them, add them in the comment box below. I would love to know your thoughts.

In the meantime, I think I’ll have a hot cup of tea coffee.

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