New Top Rated Coffee Is On the Way – Can’t Wait!

top rated coffeeIf you have never had any top rated coffee, then you don’t know what you are missing. I’ll tell you this, it is way better than your popular store brands. Once you taste any top rated coffee or gourmet coffee, you will never want to drink any other kind.

I have had the privilege of being able to drink and review several really great coffees.

Top Rated Coffee is On Order

I have just ordered two more and I can hardly wait till it arrives. One of them is rated at 92 points and the other is rated at a whopping 97 points as rated by Coffee Review Magazine.

Coffee that has ratings like these just has to be great coffee. I don’t want to spoil the review by giving you too many details but I’ll say this; the coffee is from a roaster in Canada.

This won’t be the first top rated coffee I have had from them so I feel very confident that it will be fantastic coffee. You will have to check back often to be sure you read my review.

Coffee with a Rating Is Always Better

Most people who drink coffee simply go to the grocery store and buy their favorite big name coffee. They probably don’t even know there is some really great coffee beyond the store shelf.

Just to be clear, not all good coffee has to have a rating. I have had other coffee that is very good as well. The best advice I can give you, if you want some really good coffee, is to read some of my other reviews and buy coffee from small batch roasters. Not the off the shelf brands at your local grocery store.

If you ever try some, you will know why their coffee is so much better. It is always fresher and the roasting process is better controlled. Plus they just love making some of the best top rated coffee.

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