Three Basic Types of Coffee – The Good, The Bad, The Cheap

basic-types-of-coffeeSeasoned coffee drinkers already understand there are only three basic types of coffee when it comes to classifying their favorite beverage.

While on the other hand, if you are new to coffee, this will help you further understand just what those three basic types of coffee are. Once you understand this, your coffee experience will become a passion rather than simply a curiosity.

It will also offer you a way to relax with your thoughts enabling you to focus on those tasks you need to accomplish

Three Basic Types of Coffee

You may be thinking about the levels to which coffee is roasted which are dark roast, medium roast and light roast. However, for this lesson on the types of coffee, I’m referring more to the taste of coffee.

We all have different levels of taste, and with coffee, it is no different. It’s these differences that you will understand that makes up the three basic types of coffee.

Before I get to the types of coffee, let me explain that the level of roasting will play a small part in this classification but it is not the core factor.

Classifying the Types of Coffee

As I mentioned above, it is the taste that classifies the three types of coffee, which are:

1. Cheap Coffee
2. Bad Coffee
3. Good Coffee
4. (Bonus) Coffee That Wows

The first of the three types is cheap coffee. This is what I call the worst coffee money can buy. Usually it is heavily discounted well below most coffee on the shelf. Seldom will you find cheap coffee with any real taste at all. It only comes in bulk and the price is too good to be true. You know what they say about that.

I say avoid the cheap coffee. It will simply wind up taking up space in your pantry and you will never drink more than a cup or two.

Is Coffee Good For YouNext is the bad in our types of coffee. Bad coffee is just that, bad. It may have a rather curious aroma but the flavor is lacking and many times will have a very bitter taste. I think bad coffee only gets worse.

Coffee that falls into this category should never show up in your coffee collection again.

And now , the good coffee. Of all the types of coffee, the vast majority of coffee drinkers choose one that falls into the good category.

The reason for this is that over time you will experience lots of coffee as a new and seasoned coffee drinker finding those coffee flavors that you really enjoy.

Good coffee has a full aroma before, during and after the brewing. It will make you smile as you drink it and it has a way of stirring your imagination leaving you wanting more. Good coffee is a coffee that is full of flavor.

I mentioned that the level of roasting plays a part in classifying the types of coffee and in my next post, I will explain the differences.

I will also expand on the “Bonus” coffee that wows. But for now, start tasting various coffee flavors until you find one that you really enjoy.

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