Coffee Roaster Round Up – Making The Best Coffee Blend

making the best coffee blend

Just what does it take to make the best coffee blend? This is the question I posed to small batch coffee roasters for my Coffee Roaster Round Up. One thing is for certain. It takes more than just throwing various beans together and hoping they come out tasting good enough. 

There is a bit of science that goes into the selection of beans, the various growing regions, level of roast. But one common factor I found in the answers is all about art. Knowing how you want the blend to taste, then applying all the elements as a roastmaster to insure you have the best coffee blend.

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Making the Best Coffee Blend

I recently reached out to several small batch coffee roasters and posed a question to them. I wanted to know what they thought went into making the best coffee blend. Since most coffee we drink is a blend of beans from various regions, I wanted to know what their thought process.

The question I asked was: “What do you consider the most important part of the process when creating the perfect blend?” The answers varied a bit, but they gave an insight into what actually goes into creating a delicious blend of coffee that you will love to drink.

The Best Coffee Blend

The roasters who participated in my first Coffee Roaster Round Up are small batch roasters from various parts of the country and I appreciate each of them for their response and participation.

The Best Coffee Blend

The Question: “What do you consider the most important part of the process when creating the perfect blend?”

The Answers

Clutch Coffee – Dave

My name is Dave and I am founder of Clutch Coffee Roasters. I think the most important part is having a concept before starting; What flavor profile do you want to create.

Pinebrook Coffee Roaster – Norm

The key for us is in the profiling and cupping. That is figuring out what Roast level works best for a given bean. Our premium beans have different optimal tastes and notes at differing levels from light to dark.

For example our Colombian has a optimal taste at darker levels bringing out a bolder more chocolaty taste. Our Nicaraguan is perfection at a medium dark so as to be a great in between taste. And our Peru at a more medium to bring out the floral taste without it being too light and sweet.

Green Beanery – Lisa

For us, the most important part is thinking about how the blend will be appreciated. Each method of preparation enhances different characteristics. Bearing that in mind, the next step is identifying coffees that will complement each other and amplify each other’s best aspects. Given that coffee is not an exact science, a good blend develops itself through experimentation and adjustment.

Voyage Coffee Roaster

“It certainly helps to start with great single origins, but we find the fine-tuning process—tweaking proportions to get the flavor and mouthfeel just right—is where a blend really comes together.”

As you can see, each roaster has their own unique thoughts and ideas that go into making the best coffee blend. Ultimately, it is the end results that matter the most. Will the coffee consumers like it? Each of us have various tastes and likes as do each of these awesome coffee roasters. I will tell you this, you need to taste coffee from each of them. This will give you an idea of exactly what each of them are talking about. Making the best blend coffee for you. The coffee drinker.

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