Teachers to Carry Guns In School? Just Listen, There Is An Answer

If you think the answer is for teachers to carry guns in school, then what are you going to say after you read a newspaper heading like this.

“Teacher carrying gun In school pulls trigger and shoots innocent child.”

What if it is your child? Will you still think it is a good idea for teachers to carry guns in school?

Teachers are educators of children, they are not Marines.

When situations like the recent shootings in Newton, CT occur in classrooms, even if a teacher did have a gun, they are not prepared to kill.

Marines train continuously to defend, and kill when necessary. Marines are not trained to negotiate with someone firing at them or those whom they are defending, they are trained to kill.

Teachers to carry guns in schools is not the answer.

Even if teachers do carry guns in school, I don’t think they would be wearing them on their sides like the Lone Ranger or Matt Dillon.

Therefore, if some crazy busts into their classroom shooting anything in sight, the first target will be the teacher since he knows they have access to a gun. A bullet is faster than any teacher will ever be.

Is enforcing a ban on guns the answer?

Think about how stupid that is. Without even getting into the second amendment argument, it will not work.

Did prohibition work? Nope, today there are bars and liquor stores on just about every corner. Did the drug war work? I don’t think so, illegal drugs are everywhere.

Your assignment should you accept it?

Listen up all you congressional representatives, men and women of politics in Washington. Here’s what I think we should do about this issue of teachers to carry guns in school.

No debates, no arguments just a simple assignment.

You should gather in small groups of four or five down at a small local coffee shop away from all the politics. Keep your mouths shut for a few minutes, enjoy your coffee and listen. Listen to what others are saying about this issue.

Family In ParkSit on a park bench and listen to the families with children laughing and having fun. Listen to those who are crying over what happened in Newton. Don’t ask questions, just listen.

Sit in a classroom in a back corner with your ears tuned in and listen. No questions, just listen. You just may hear the tiny voices of fallen victims crying. Are they trying to tell you something?

Now, go to a small country church where nobody knows your name and listen. Listen to the pastor; listen to the congregation without asking questions. Sit in a Sunday school class of the smaller innocent children. Listen. No talking.

Sit at the dinner table of a family for Sunday dinner and listen. Listen to their hearts as they open up about our troubled nation.

Now go home and listen to your own family, your own children and grandchildren. Their laughter just may hold a clue to the answer you need.

What is the Answer?

After you have done all this, listen to God for He has your answer.

I’m sure you have your thoughts on this subject so go ahead and post your comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Teachers to Carry Guns In School? Just Listen, There Is An Answer

  1. That is a great article!! I too have struggled with what exactly is the answer for the safety of our young ones as they innocently go to school each day. At one point I even tossed around the idea of each teacher having a gun, then I realized what you said…what if one of them shot an innocent child. As you stated these teachers are not taught to kill! What if a teacher snapped one day or left a loaded gun accidentally in reach of a child who didn’t know better and that child shot and killed someone. Too many scenarios for teachers to have guns. I know I wouldn’t send my children to school if I thought there were loaded guns everywhere.

    Of course with what they are teaching in the schools I wouldn’t send them anyway!!! My future daughter-in-law said last night that when she goes back she will now be teaching how to take “the” test. She hates it because she feels that the kids only learn about 3 months the entire school year.

    The answer IS with God and we have taken him out of everything. God WAS at that school and I shivered anytime anyone asked where was God? God was there with those kids and is with us at all times. What has happened is these parents have taken God out of their HOME and not taught these young kids about God and to read the bible. No Christian could have pulled that trigger!

    When you and I were young almost everyone went to church, we KNEW who God was and we read the bible. We sang patriotic songs at school, said the pledge and celebrated holidays at school without fear of stepping on anyone’s toes. Teachers were able to hug a child, tell a child they loved them and could say the following words…God, prayer, bible, love…etc but not anymore. The school you and I knew is no longer!

    Well you ask me for my thoughts and you probably got more than you bargained for. You already know my thoughts on this horrible horrible horrible government we have for the next 4 years! We better all get on our hands and knees because the answer is in the bible. Everyone needs to READ THE BIBLE and read it to the next generation!

  2. Well I think Judy said it very well and I certainly agree with her thoughts. I do NOT feel the answer is arming the teachers. That, in opinion just opens up a whole new can of worms. This was a horrible crime and that fact that most of his victims were under 6 years old speaks volumes as to his cowardness. It was terrible in every sense but if there is anything positive to be said, I think it would be that almost a billion people woke up that morning in the U.S. and only of them went on a rampage against the most innocent. I’m convinced as this country continues to try and mold God into our image rather than us trying to become more Christlike, the crime and the hate will only get worse. I really feel the worst for this country is yet to be seen but is very close. Just my .02

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