Tarrazu Montecielo Coffee Is a Hidden Treasure from Cafe Britt

tarrazu montecielo coffee
Tarrazu Montecielo coffee is one that I have had my eye on for a few months. So I recently decided to give it a try. It’s offered by Cafe Britt and though I have not tried their coffee before, I have had some of their chocolates. I must say, I have no idea why I waited so long to try Tarrazu Montecielo coffee.

Tarrazu Montecielo Coffee Review

The chocolates I have had from Cafe Britt were some of the best I have ever tasted. So I though it just made sense to go ahead and try the coffee. One of the best decisions I have ever made. (when it comes to coffee)

Strangely enough, I didn’t get this one from a small batch roaster. I was a bit concerned not knowing how fresh it would be. You know as well as I do that the fresher the coffee the better the taste.

So I ordered it from Amazon. I couldn’t find a roast date on the package but when I opened my Tarrazu Montecielo coffee, the freshness jumped out at me. The aroma was full of good coffee smells.

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The taste was fabulous

I brew all my coffee with the slow-pour method these days using my Chemex. I do believe it brings out the best in a cup of coffee.

As I tasted this new coffee, I was drawn in by the full richness. The flavors filled my mouth with what a good cup of coffee should be. It’s not bitter, it’s not too acidic, I would say it is delicately balanced.

Tarrazu Montecielo coffee is smooth enough to drink black without that overpowering taste of a dark roast coffee. I would actually consider it slightly on the medium-dark roasting level. Either way, it is good coffee.

Like I always do, I ordered the whole bean coffee. Whole beans tend to hold the freshness and flavors longer. Once coffee is ground, air will infuse the coffee which dilutes the freshness.

Back to the actual taste. Afterall, that’s what you want to know. How does it taste? Beyond that, everything is secondary.

The richness of the volcanic soil of Costa Rica that it is grown in, makes this a wonderful tasting coffee. It reminds me of the chocolates I have experienced from the region. Richness to the max.

If you want not only a great coffee, but one that is priced well within anyone’s budget, then you need to try the Tarrazu Montecielo coffee by Cafe Britt.

Order yours from Amazon today. No need to wait like I did.
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