Tanzanian Peaberry Coffee Review – Roasted by Pinebrook Coffee Roasters

tanzanian peaberry coffee review

Tanzanian Peaberry Coffee Review

This is my Tanzanian Peaberry coffee review as roasted by Pinebrook Coffee Roasters.
Type: Tanzanian Peaberry
Roast: Medium
Beans: Consistent size and color, smaller beans.
Fragrance: This Tanzanian Peaberry had a bit of a stronger fragrance that smelled like walking into a good coffee shop. Not overpowering, but the aroma of coffee that one can associate with as a good coffee should.
Grinding: The process of grinding releases more of the fragrance. This is always a good indication of what is to come.
Brewing: Using the drip method, it provided a good richness in the cup. A light tan froth around the edges of the cup gave a visually appealing sense of good coffee.

The Taste of Good Coffee

Taste: This Tanzanian had a bit of a richer taste than other coffees I have tried from Pinebrook Coffee Roasters. I could easily drink this one first thing in the morning as well as my second afternoon cup. My first taste of black filled my taste buds with what a good coffee should be. Smooth, rich, full bodied and easy to drink. I did get a hint of some earthy chocolates as well as a subtle hint of sweetness in this one, which may be an indication of its origin.

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Tanzanian Peaberry, Whole Bean, Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC (2 lb.)

Notes: I was reviewing three coffees from Pinebrook and kept coming back to the Tanzanian. The more I tasted it, the more I wanted. It has a uniquely pleasing taste that is full bodied, full flavor, good coffee. This one will easily become a favorite of coffee drinkers once tasted.

The Tanzanian Peaberry coffee review you just read were from my notes during my tasting. I found it to be full of flavor, but not overpowering. It is smooth and easy to drink. If you enjoy drinking black coffee, you will enjoy this one. Since I’m one of those who enjoys a good creamer in my coffee, for me, adding the creamer was like the icing on a cake. It brought out all the flavors that I enjoy in my coffee. If you have never tasted a Tanzanian coffee, this is where you start.

Wiki Notes
Peaberry, known in Spanish as caracoli, is a type of coffee bean. Normally the fruit (“cherry”) of the coffee plant contains two seeds (“beans”) that develop with flattened facing sides, but sometimes only one of the two seeds is fertilized, and the single seed develops with nothing to flatten it. This oval (or pea-shaped) bean is known as peaberry. Typically around 5% of all coffee beans harvested have experienced this small mutation.
Peaberry coffees are particularly associated with Tanzanian Coffee.
Source: Wikipedia

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