Summermoon Coffee Roasters Sweet Hearth Review

summermoon-coffee-roastersIt all started when I saw that this coffee was wood-fired by Summermoon Coffee Roasters in Austin, Texas. Since I am a Texan too, I was especially interested. The more I read about them and the process, I knew right away that I wanted to taste some of their coffee.

Having a bit of a sweet tooth, the name, Sweet Hearth caught my attention. Let me tell you, I was more than pleased with this coffee. From the first sip of my first wood-fired coffee, I was hooked.


Summermoon Coffee Roasters

Summermoon Coffee Roasters is the only roaster that hearkens back to the lost legacy of artisans past. Their wood-fired process makes them the most distinctive roaster in America. If you ask why they invested everything they have in 19th century technology, you haven’t tasted their coffee.

Sweet Hearth Review

The say the beans come from the highlands of Honduras. They are known for their perfect balance, traces of almond and sweet brown sugar finish. That may be so, but let me tell you what I think.

Opening the Bag

Knowing this coffee is wood-fired, I was excited and looking forward to the aroma of a burning campfire on a cool autumn night. And that is exactly what I got when I opened the bag.

The smell of burning oak wood drifting up to greet me took me right outside to the campfire I had envisioned. It warmed me up right away.

Grinding and Brewing

Next I added some of the fresh Sweet Hearth beans into my grinder to prepare for my first cup of this new coffee experience from Summermoon Coffee Roasters. The grinding process enhanced the aroma even more.

I brewed my first cup using a slow brew method to get the full impact of the flavors to really taste the coffee.

Another Wow Moment

I added a bit more coffee for brewing than I usually do and was glad that I did. I like coffee that is just a tad stronger at times and this did the trick.

My first thought as I was tasting the Sweet Hearth coffee was, wow, yep a great coffee to enjoy around the fire with family and friends. I’m talking some really good coffee here.

My taste buds may not be refined enough to note almond or brown sugar, but the Sweet Hearth coffee definitely has a hint of oak as it simmers and crackles in a campfire. A real earthy flavor that you can’t ignore.


If you have never tried wood-fired coffee, then this is a bucket list entry. I highly recommend you look up Summermoon Coffee Roasters if you are ever in Austin. Give them a shout out on Twitter  @SipSummermoon and tell them you first heard about their great coffee here at The Morning Coffee Cup.

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Here’s to good coffee.


I wanted to follow up on my morning tasting of this delicious coffee. I opened the glass jar that I store it in, yes I grind enough for about four cups at a time, and put it up to my nose.

The aroma is so full of the rich smokiness from the oak that roasts the beans. I’m here to tell you one thing; you don’t have to be a coffee connoisseur or hipster to enjoy this wonderful coffee.

I’m sure most coffee consumers are just casual coffee drinkers. Even so, once you try coffee from the guys in Austin, Summermoon Coffee Roasters, you will have a new appreciation for the coffee you drink.

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