Summer Blend 2015 The One That Almost Got Away

summer-blendOkay, so it is way past summer and fall is into full swing, but I had to revisit this great coffee. It is a summer blend of 2015. You may ask why review a coffee that is several months old.

The answer is very simple. This is a really good tasting, smooth coffee. I almost let this one get away but it is exemplary of what the guys at Voyage Coffee Roasters can do with a little bean. Roast it to perfection.

The Summer Blend of 2015

Some coffees just have a smooth, pleasant, easy to drink ambiance about them and the Summer Blend of 2015 from Voyage Coffee Roasters is one of them.

Yes, summer has faded with the cooler weather of fall taking front stage. But that by no means cools down the flavor of this great blend.

The Aroma, The Bean, The Taste

I’ll start by saying that the aroma is simply wonderful. The bean is roasted to perfection. The taste is as smooth as any summer night. A coffee I am truly enjoying.

The bag says it has hints of honey and raspberry, while this may be so, I get a hint of lavender as well. This summer blend is one of the smoothest coffees I have tasted and reviewed.

You simply can’t go wrong when you choose coffee from the guys at Voyage. Be sure to let them know you heard of them first here at The Morning Coffee Cup. You can follow them on Twitter @VoyageCoffee where you can learn more about their great coffee.

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