Sumatran Reserve Extra Bold Coffee Is Still My Favorite

The Morning Coffee Cup

I use to think extra bold coffee was too strong to drink. Then I tried the Sumatran Reserve Extra Bold Coffee and instantly changed my mind.

As I was brewing my first cup of this fine coffee, the aroma gave away the secret that it was going to be great in the cup. I took my first sip and was hooked.

My Favorite Extra Bold Coffee

The aroma when brewing starts stimulating your desire for the richness and full flavor the coffee offers. Being an extra bold coffee makes it extra delicious. A great start to your day. The Sumatran Reserve is still my favorite coffee. Once you try it you may just find that it will quickly become your favorite too.

Extra Bold Flavor

In the K-cup, there is more coffee which adds to the extra bold coffee flavor. I like the K-cup packaging for that first cup in the mornings. Quick and easy to brew and easy to enjoy.

Some extra bold coffee will have a bitter taste but this is not the case with Sumatran Extra Bold. The flavor is great and goes down quite smoothly. After a few minutes of finishing your first cup, you may notice a since of what I call the coffee boost.

This is not like a caffeine rush, rather a feeling that something good just happened. It makes you aware of just how good this coffee really is.

Where to Buy

There are several outlets for this coffee. I have gotten some from Wal-Mart but who enjoys shopping in those crowds.

One of the best I have found is on Amazon where you can get Green Mountain Coffee Extra Bold Sumatran Reserve K-Cups (72 count) for around $49. If you are a Prime member, your shipping is free.

Regardless of where you buy your coffee, once you try this extra bold coffee you too just may call it your favorite. I give it 4 Cups Up here at The Morning Coffee Cup.

Do you have another favorite extra bold coffee you want to share? Let us know what it is by posting yours in the comment box below.

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Your Turn

What is your favorite brand and flavor of coffee?

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