Sumatran Coffee Sample Arrived from Oregon Coffee Roaster

sumatra-coffeeIt has arrived. A select Oregon coffee roaster sent me a sample of one of their favorite Sumatran coffees for review. There is something about the Sumatra coffees that I really enjoy and I’m certain this one will not let me down.

Sumatra is one of the great romance coffees of the world. The Indonesian island of Sumatra embodies a Conradian romance of the unfamiliar and I can’t wait to open the bag so that the aroma fills the room.

Sumatran Coffee

Sumatran coffee naturally has an intriguing complexity about it. Their coffees have a

deep richness about them that is tasted long after it hits your palate. I have had some good Sumatran coffee but the sample I received from my friends in Oregon looks as though it will be among the best.
I will open the bag in a couple of days to start my review process and when I do, I will let you know how it is. The best way to insure you never miss a review is to subscribe to my Coffee Talkin’ newsletter. This way each review will be in your inbox once I post my review.

So stay tuned for my next review of a Sumatran coffee from an Oregon roaster. I’ll let you know which roaster in the review.

Till then, live your life with passion and a good cup of coffee.

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