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The land of Indonesia is a land of intrigue, romance and great coffee.  Indonesia is located within an ideal geography for coffee plantations, near the equator. With its numerous mountainous regions across the islands, the well suited micro-climates create idea pockets for the growth and production of coffee.

This Sumatra coffee review says a lot about the the guys at, Voyage Coffee Roasters of Eugene Oregon. They have mastered the roasting of this bean which is rich in heritage and flavor. 

But how does it taste? Isn’t that what you really want to know?

Voyage Coffee Roasters

The guys at Voyage Coffee Roasters, from Eugene, Oregon are a family who are passionate about sharing delicious coffee. Their Indonesia Sumatra is among the very best Sumatran coffees I have ever tasted.

The Sumatra Coffee Review

The very first thing I noticed, after the intriguing aroma filled the air, was the package. Not so much the design, but the fact that once you open the airtight bag, there is a handy zip type closure that makes it easy to seal the freshness in without any fuss. I like that.

Now for the Coffeevoyage-coffee-roasters

As it brews, there is a slight, light brown froth that forms around the edge that adds interest. However, that has nothing to do with taste and the taste is the best Sumatran coffee I have ever had in my cup.

Rich, with a very pleasing and intriguing taste that pulls you into the cup. In the cup the aroma steamed out filling that spot in my brain that says, “this is gonna’ be good”. The aroma of this coffee draws you in with hints of spice, but I got a real sense of the vanilla which I really enjoy.

I have had some Sumatran coffees that were good, but they had a tinge of bitterness. That is certainly not the case with the Indonesian Sumatra from Voyage Coffee Roasters. These guys hit it on the head with this tasteful, medium roast.

This coffee is smooth, aromatic, intriguing and oh so easy to drink black. A coffee that will easily become one of my all time favorites. It makes for a great morning cup of coffee.


In conclusion of this Sumatra coffee review, if you enjoy Sumatra coffee, forget the varieties you find in your local grocery store or big box store. They won’t compare to real Indonesia Sumatra Coffee like the one I just enjoyed from Voyage Coffee Roasters. Give them a shout out and let them know you heard of them first, here at The Morning Coffee Cup.

From a casual coffee drinker like me, I say you have got to put some of this great coffee in your cup and enjoy it.

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