4 Reasons Someone Just Might Start Drinking Coffee

start drinking coffeeI like cookies and milk.

It’s true. And yes, I know it’s not coffee. But here is what I’m thinking. As I was pouring myself a glass of milk just now, a thought came to me.

What makes someone start drinking coffee? I had to think about this a moment, thinking back to when I was first introduced to coffee.

The very first experience with coffee that I can remember was easy to remember. My mother, my aunt and Granny, use to sit around the kitchen table drinking their coffee. They actually introduced me to soaky coffee and I remember it was really good.

Back to my thought.

What makes someone start drinking coffee?

As I thought about this for a bit longer I came up with 4 probable causes that someone will start drinking coffee.

    1. Someone introduces you to coffee.

    2. Out of desperation to stay awake.

    3. Because it smells so good.

    4. There’s a Starbucks on every corner.

Do any of these sound like you?

Most people don’t grow up saying that when I get big, I’m going to be a coffee drinker. I didn’t. Did you? Like my family introduced me to coffee, chances are that many of you had a similar experience.

As you grew older, and after your mom started telling coffee would stunt your growth, you couldn’t help but to start drinking coffee. You may or may not have really liked it, but you knew coffee was for you.

Now this just makes sense.
How many nights did you stay up cramming for an exam with the coffee maker close at hand? Raise your hands if this was you. Since you always heard that coffee would keep you awake, hey, why not start drinking it?

I really like this one. Because it smells so good. Who doesn’t love the way coffee smells? Sounds like a perfectly sane reason for anyone to start drinking coffee.

Maybe you are the biggest Starbucks fan on the earth. Or at least in your neighborhood. Since you see them on just about every corner in so many cities, you must have thought to yourself, “hey everybody else is there, I think I’ll stop in and have a coffee.” I wonder just how many of you fall into this group? You?

Regardless why people start drinking coffee, one thing is for certain. There are a few gazillion coffee drinkers on the planet so there must be something to it.

For me, I drink it now because I really do enjoy a good cup.

How about you? Tell me how you got started drinking coffee and why you still do.

Have a digital cup on me.

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