Starbucks Ground Coffee Dark Sumatra is in My Cup

Starbucks-Sumatra-Dark-Roast-CoffeeI was at the grocery shopping for a few things yesterday and took a stroll down the coffee row. Now, when it comes to Starbucks coffee, I drink some once-in-a-while but not that often. But this one caught my eye so I picked up a bag and started reading. This morning, I have Starbucks Ground Coffee Dark Sumatra in my cup.

Actually, it is one of the better Starbucks coffee I have had. The Starbucks Ground Coffee Dark Sumatra will hit you with a full earthy aroma the instant you open the bag.

The Origin of Starbucks Ground Coffee Dark Sumatra

Sumatra Origin
This coffee originates in Indonesia which gives it a bit of a spicy flavor. It is a full bodied coffee that leaves a lingering taste of herbs and fresh earth in your mouth. For a dark coffee, it really fills your senses yet goes down very smooth. Acidic? Not in the least. I can actually drink this one black though I prefer creamer. Again, it is really smooth.

One bit of trivia for you, coffee from Sumatra is the foundation of Starbucks most treasured blends. Once you try the Starbucks Ground Coffee Dark Sumatra, you will understand.

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