World’s Largest Coffee Chain Starbucks Buys First Coffee Farm

Starbucks Coffee FarmStarbucks said they have purchased their first coffee farm for research and beans. As the onset of the disease leaf rust runs rampant in Central America, they intend to research this devastating disease that is effecting the coffee industry.

Though Starbucks is known for their coffee shops around the world, they are now owners of a coffee farm in Costa Rica which spans approximately 600 acres. Maybe with their financial interest in this region they can find a way to effectively combat the coffee rust that is killing coffee plants.

Coffee Farm Losses

The International Coffee Organization recently estimated that some 2.5 million 60-kg bags of crop could be lost in the 2012/13 global coffee output due to the disease, with losses possibly rising to around 4 million bags in 2013/14.

Now that’s a whole lot of coffee to be lost from the coffee farms that depend on their crops as their lively hood. Starbucks’ arabica coffee farm, which currently employs about 70 workers, will continue to harvest beans, to be roasted and sold by the company, a Starbucks spokeswoman said.

Starbucks to the Rescue

The Starbucks center aims to help the farmers of the coffee farm to mitigate climate change while supporting long-term crop stability. In other words, they want to make sure they can harvest the beans from the coffee farm in order to keep your favorite Starbucks coffee flowing. (and keep your cash in their pockets)

Keep an eye on this one. Starbucks could possibly turn into the “Apple” of the coffee industry.

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