Stainless Steel Coffee Canister Keeps Your Coffee Fresher Longer

This 16oz stainless steel coffee canister will keep your coffee fresher longer. Whole beans or ground coffee won’t be ruined by CO2. Check out the huge savings on this must have coffee canister.

stainless steel coffee canisterWhy a Stainless Steel Coffee Canister

First of all, stainless it today’s style in the kitchen. Sleek, elegant and in style. This beauty will look good sitting on any counter.

Functionality. It’s airtight. The air stays out which means the coffee will be fresh much longer than leaving it in the bag. Plus it has a built in freshness calendar.

Capacity. It holds an entire bag of beans. Whole or ground.

Price. This stainless steel coffee canister is priced right. You save 62% when you order today. Coupons available for volume discounts on Amazon.

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