Spicy Mexican Chocolate Latte – A Spiced Up Latte

spicy-mexican-chocolate-latte Sicy Mexican Chocolate Latte
I really enjoy a good latte. So I was browsing for a new recipe to try and came across this Spicy Mexican Chocolate Latte and was intrigued. This recipe seems to be a double compound drink. If you think about it, you have spicy mexican which goes together then chocolate latte which these two components go very well together. How well do they fit together?

A Spiced Up Latte

After reading the recipe I thought to myself, this just might be good after all. It’s easy to whip up as is a regular latte. The only real difference is the spicy mexican chocolate sauce that you add to heated milk and coffee that you warmed in a small saucepan. Then you add Spicy Mexican Chocolate Sauce and whisk until incorporated.

Is it good? I have to say it is. At first I wasn’t sure but now it is a great change to a regular latte. Who would have guessed, a Spicy Mexican Chocolate Latte.

Spicy Mexican Chocolate Latte

If you want to try one for yourself, you can get the recipe and the spicy chocolate sauce at Stonewall Kitchen.

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