So You Are a Social Media Expert Too? Or Is It Life Coach?

As I was drinking a soothing cup of coffee, I started reading the bios of some of the social media experts on Twitter.

I see this on Twitter all the time in the bio of so many people. It reads like this, “I’m a social media expert helping you to…” or I’m an expert relationship life coach helping you to get what you want…

Really? Come on now.

I know there are countless numbers of people needing help in every part of the earth, which is a fact. So just why is it all the social media experts and life coaches are on Twitter and not out helping someone?

Maybe the rest of us reading their tweets are the ones needing their help. I don’t think so.

Now before you get all riled up, to all the legitimate experts, this is not pointed at you. It is simply my observation from visiting the social media sites.

Are They Really a Social Media Expert?

It seems to me that there is a very large number of the so called social media experts that are simply someone, whom in their own mind, think they can solve the worlds problems. Or at least yours.

The issue is this, if they are social media experts, why don’t they contact you directly and introduce themselves as someone who really cares and wants to help?

Again, there are a few that do, but for the extremely vast majority, you will never hear from them. How social is that?

A Few Bios

After reading several bios, I wanted to post just a couple here to make my point.

From Twitter:

By Tracy: I am a Life coach who is dedicated to helping you live the life you desire…

By Lisa: I’m an expert relationship coach. I help people get the love they want…

By Greg: Passionate about helping people to live their lives to the fullest.

By Angela: Social Media Marketing Expert… Love teaching people they can do better.

By Reed: Social Media Consultant…

By Kim: Social Media & Personal Branding Strategist…

If you want more all you have to do is to check out Twitter and start reading. You can waste hours, but at least you will get a bit of levity out of it.

Yes, I’m On Twitter Too.

Okay, so you noticed I’m on Twitter too. Yes, but did you read my bio? You can read it on Twitter or to make it simple for you, here it is. “Social media expert I am not. Life coach? Nope. I just try stirring your imagination leaving a lingering thirst for more.”

I know social media expert seems to be hot these days and I suppose everybody could use a good life coach, but for those of you touting such on the social networks but never connecting with your followers, wake up.

Just wait till you read my next post on this topic. You might want to subscribe to the RSS so you don’t miss it. (The RSS is that little orange icon under “The Social Side” at the top right of the page.

What do you think about all the social media experts?

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