Fancy Slow-Pour Coffee Equipment, Who Needs It?

slow-pour-coffee-equipmentWho says you have to have lots of fancy slow-pour coffee equipment to enjoy a great cup of coffee at home. It is not the equipment that makes the coffee better, rather it is the bean and the method of brewing.

Do you want good coffee or fancy equipment? Sure you can have both but you can’t drink equipment. So don’t worry about trying to find the perfect slow-pour coffee equipment. Especially if you are new to coffee. Try this first.

Not So Fancy Slow-Pour Coffee Equipment

I’m not knocking the fancy coffee equipment. After all, it does make life as a coffee drinker easier. But if you don’t have the fancy stuff, that’s okay.
You probably have these few items in your kitchen already and they are perfect for you to make your slow-pour coffee at home. Without being fancy.

Slow or pour-over coffee is easy to brew and so much better tasting. Try it with your next cup.

The List

Here are the few things you will need to make a great cup of slow-pour coffee right in your own kitchen.

  1. Widemouth Cup – This should be your favorite coffee cup. The one you love to drink your coffee from.
  2. Kitchen Strainer – Use a large strainer that will fit onto your cup. Check out the picture for suggestions.
  3. Coffee Filters – Yes, you have to have coffee filters. The size doesn’t matter so much as long as it pretty much fills the strainer.
  4. Standard Coffee Cup – This will be the cup you use to heat your water. You want it pretty hot. Just shy of boiling is what I shoot for.
  5. Measuring Cup – No, you don’t have to measure the amount of water. You dip the hot water from the cup to pour over your coffee. It is less messy this way.
  6. Spoon – You will need this to sort of scrape the ground coffee from the bottom of the filter so all the brewed coffee will seep into your cup.

Bodum 11571-01 Pour Over Coffee Maker with Permanent Filter, 34 oz, Black

That is all the equipment you need to make a good cup of pour-over coffee.

One More Thing
There is one more thing you will need however. Great whole coffee beans! Without great beans, your coffee is just coffee. When you use the best and freshest roasted beans, your coffee becomes extraordinary. A drink you will be proud to say you made.

If you still want some fancy slow-pour coffee equipment, you can find all you need right here on Amazon. Slow-Pour Coffee Equipment

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