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siena blend coffee review

There’s coffee, and there’s good coffee. Then there is coffee you will keep coming back to cup after cup. I’m talking Siena Blend coffee from Fonte’ Coffee Roaster. This is my second coffee from this Seattle roaster and it is a coffee you can compare all other coffee to. In other words, coffee you will always consider as one of the benchmarks of really good coffee. Now I’ll get to my Siena Blend coffee review.

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Siena Blend Coffee Review

My first coffee from Fonte’ Coffee Roaster was their Cerrado. After drinking it, I had a good feeling that their Siena Blend was going to be another of my favorites. After reading my Siena Blend coffee review, I think you will agree that it is.

They call it a “full city roast” coffee. Now I enjoy a medium to dark roast coffee and this one fits the bill perfectly. Like the Cerrado, the Siena too has a smokiness to it that is delightfully pleasing. It reminds me of being outdoors on a cool fall evening with the campfire burning while enjoying a great cup of coffee.

Coffee You Have to Experience

Fonte’ Coffee Roaster seems to be able to create great coffee blends that goes beyond the taste. They take you on an experience. Take a closer look at their Siena Blend. Suggested brew method: Drip. Origins: Indonesia, Africa, Central America

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My Siena Blend coffee review is more of an experience rather than tasting notes. Is it good coffee? Actually it is better than good. If you enjoy sipping coffee, allowing all the flavors to slip beyond your palate, you will be taken on a journey. This coffee is so delicious that you can’t help but experience the taste of the regions. It whisps away the tension and stress of your day with a smokiness, rich in flavor exactly the way a good coffee should.

I always like to look for coffee that I can enjoy anytime of day. The smoky caramel flavor has a hint of nutty notes that make it a coffee that you can easily enjoy for breakfast or an afternoon.

“Fonte’s Siena Blend is a coffee you will find in fine restaurants, yet it is one that you can drink around a roaring fire with friends. Once you taste it, you too will start experiencing coffee the way it should taste. Wonderful.”

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