This Is for the Serious Coffee Drinker

serious coffee drinkerCoffee doesn’t have to be so serious and that is why this is for the serious coffee drinker. Listen up serious coffee drinker or anybody who just enjoys a good cup. Coffee is complex but drinking and enjoying it doesn’t have to be that way. Just relax and savor the moment as you drink your favorite cup of good coffee.

I’ve read several questions and comments lately in some of the coffee forums about how to brew a constantly good cup of coffee. What is the water to bean ratio? Am I brewing at the right temperature? Is my equipment the right type or brand?

Serious Coffee Drinker Listen Up

Give me a break! It’s coffee not rocket fuel (though drinking too many cups sometimes make me think it is). No I’m not downgrading all you coffee “experts” and master brewers, I’m just saying, the vast majority of people who drink coffee couldn’t care less about all the technical aspects of brewing a good cup of coffee.

They just want to enjoy the coffee they are drinking.

If you are a serious coffee drinker, that’s okay to be so passionate about it. But every now and then, just enjoy a cup of coffee for sake of enjoyment. Heck, you might even try a K-cup, you might like it.

So for all you casual coffee drinkers, here’s to you and your coffee drinking enjoyment.

Your Turn

Are you a serious coffee drinker or one who simply enjoys the coffee in your cup?

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