Review Seattle’s Best Level 5 Intense Dark

Seattle's Best Level 5 Dark Roast Coffee

It started with the big 5 on the bag of Seattle's Best Level 5 Intense Dark that grabbed my attention. Dark roast coffee is what I tend to drink more of so I was interested in this "Level 5" rating of the Seattle's Best Coffee. I couldn't resist so I picked up a bag of the ground coffee and took it home and wow! I was quite surprised at this coffee from opening the package to that first sip.

Seattle's Best Level 5

The first thing I noticed as the full effect of the aroma filled my senses, was how dark this coffee is. I've had some dark roast coffee in my time but this is really dark. That really peaked my interest.

Brew It Up

I got the ground bag of the Seattle's Best Level 5 Intense Dark because I wanted to brew it in my Keurig single cup coffee maker. This is the coffee maker I use to get me started quickly each morning.

Intense, continued as I filled my refillable K-cup while I noticed how compact the ground coffee was. I could already imagine a really good cup of coffee to come.

As the hot water interacted with the ground coffee again the aroma filled my mind increasing the intensity of want.

I just knew that the coffee called
Seattle's Best Coffee Level 5 was going to hit my all-time favorites list of really good coffee.

How Intense Is Seattle's Best Level 5

As it was brewing I noticed that it really is a dark roast coffee. Using the large cup setting on my Keurig, it was still extremely dark in the cup with just a slightly light brown froth around the edges.

My first sip of my new found coffee was black. I wanted to experience it as it was meant to be. Now I'm not a coffee drinker who drinks my coffee black but all I can say is Wow! This is good coffee.

Order yours today and taste the intensity.

Seattle's Best Coffee Ground Coffee, Level 5
A True Dark Intense Coffee.

After you try a cup of Seattle's Best Level 5 Coffee, let me know what you think.

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