Reconditioned Commercial Coffee Machines Keep Costs Under Control

Reconditioned commercial coffee machines are the perfect way to get started in a new coffee business, while keeping your start-up costs under control. While many new machines are well over two-thousand dollars, a reconditioned commercial coffee machine can save you over a thousand. But who has the best reconditioned machines?

Where to Find Reconditioned Commercial Coffee Machines

So where do you find these reconditioned gems? You can spend hours searching online reading all the specs, warranties, and other mumbo-jumbo, or you can go straight to what I feel is the best deals.

But you want to know more. I understand. That’s why I did a bit of research and what I found was, there is a Jura coffee machine refurbished event that stands out above all the others. Not only is this a superior machine, their workmanship, their pride and their ethics are a notch above.

What is a refurbished coffee machine

First what it is not. You wouldn’t want to waste your money on trying to refurbish a small home style coffee maker that only cost you a hundred bucks.

Reconditioned commercial coffee machines are higher end pieces of finely tuned equipment. Think of it like a “certified” car that you find at many dealers. They will take in a used car and run it through their multi-point check list. If something is not to their standards, they “recondition” it bringing it up to their specs.

It’s the same with commercial coffee makers at Jura. They completely refurbish the machine to insure it works just as if it were new. And, they warranty their workmanship and parts.

Jura is a Swiss company, which is the only brand anywhere in the world, to focus solely on automatic speciality coffee machines and is clearly positioned as a specialist in this market.

The Quality
We’ve all heard of the quality of the Swiss watch. Well Jura is the Swiss watch when it comes to reconditioned commercial coffee machines. Even their home machines are renowned for quality and excellence.

With Jura, you won’t have to sacrifice quality with their refurbished machines. They take the same pride in their refurbishing methods as they do their new units. They want you to have the very best automatic coffee machine, but more over, they want you to be satisfied with the machine you choose.

One might ask, if is there money in refurbished commercial coffee makers. I’ll put it this way. Yes. The money for you is in the huge savings when it comes to high end refurbished coffee makers.

Take a closer look at Jura. They have the best reconditioned commercial coffee machines you will find.

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