Really Good Coffee But Times are Shifting at The Morning Coffee Cup

It’s hard to believe that I started The Morning Coffee Cup a little over four years ago. Since that time, I have enjoyed some really good coffee from small batch roasters across the country. As I was thinking back about this, I realized my original idea has shifted.

In the beginning I was going to build the site around not just coffee, but more on the conversational aspect of a coffee shop. But the more I started drinking really good coffee, my attention turned more to the coffee itself. Times are shifting again.

Really Good Coffee and Changing Times

As I’m sitting here writing this, thoughts of drinking really good coffee are becoming intertwined with how I am going to move forward with The Morning Coffee Cup. Don’t panic, there will still be lots of really good coffee stuff.

But moving forward, I will be turning the focus more to other interests as well. You will find topics including marketing, living life, lots of opinions, and all that goes along with the excitement of creating your path in both, a digital world and your daily life.

I hear you and I realize there are tons of sites that cover these topics. However, my approach will be a bit different. It will be more relaxed, conversational, educational, inspiring, and encouraging as you may expect it to be in a coffee shop setting. Make The Morning Coffee Cup your digital world coffee shop.

Yes, you can still find posts about really good coffee, so there’s no need for despair. It’s just that I want to return to my original intent with the site. A place where you can visit often for good conversation and really good coffee.

Go with me on this journey.

I want to invite you to grab a cup of your favorite coffee, and come along. If you enjoy really good coffee, and have a passion for what life has to offer, make the commitment, subscribe right now.

Join The Morning Coffee Cup Tribe.

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