Portofino Coffee Review Another Fonte’ Coffee You Should Drink

portofino coffee review

This is my Portofino coffee review. For those of you who don’t know Fonte’ Coffee Roaster, I say, you need to know them. Every coffee of theirs I have tasted is excellent. Not a bad one in the bunch.

Portofino. Imagine you are on the Italian Riviera overlooking a picturesque harbor where fishing boats bobble on the water. The buildings that surround the shore are colorfully painted to add to the beauty of the surroundings. 

Only one thing makes it better. You and a great cup of Portofino coffee from Fonte’ Coffee Roaster.

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Portofino Coffee Review

The Italian Riviera and Portofino. When opening the bag, the aroma of the beans drifted into my senses taking me on a wonderful trip to Italy. I could imagine myself sitting on a terrace overlooking the Italian Riviera drinking a fine cup of Portofino coffee. 

Though the folks at Fonte’ say it is their go to cold brew coffee, I brewed mine in my Chemex. I just prefer hot coffee over cold. Saying that, I can see where this would be a great cold brew coffee. It has a toasty herbal aroma that intrigues.

As I was pouring the brewed coffee into my cup, I noticed a very delightful caramel color. This was an indication of the pleasing light taste of goodness, yet it was complex and full bodied enough to really get my attention.

“Portofino coffee is one that I strongly suggest you try if you want a smooth, clean on the palate tasting coffee. It is definitely one you will enjoy. I actually could drink this one barefoot but I did add a spot of Italian creamer and for me, it took it to another level of delightfulness.”

I could go more into the technical side of this fine coffee but I won’t. I’ll just let you be the judge of my Portofino coffee review and once you taste it, I think you will understand. Another great coffee from the guys at Fonte’ Coffee Roaster.

Portofino Coffee

Suggested brew methods: cold brew, French press, drip.

Origins: Java, Sumatra, New Guinea

Tasting notes: Herbal, nutty, dark chocolate.

My notes: Fine coffee you should drink.


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