Pinebrook Coffee Roasters Review – Honduran Finca

What does New York and a cup of coffee have in common? My Pinebrook Coffee Roasters review. It’s always exciting to get new coffee and as always, I was anxious to taste this new one. When I got my Honduran Finca from the guys at Pinebrook, I was impressed from the start. Not every roaster ships their coffee in a box. Okay, so it is just a box you may say. True but for me, that shows they care about their coffee and their company. But of course it was what was inside the box that really impressed me.

Pinebrook Coffee Roasters Review

Before I even get to the coffee I want to tell you a bit more about the packaging. Hold on, this is important stuff. I’ll get to the review in a moment.

It goes beyond the box which is a nice touch. The bag was impressive. Clean, smooth white glossed, with a unique feature. If you will notice the picture, there is a small tab on the top left of the bag. Just pull it like a zip tie and it opens the bag to let that full aroma come bursting out.

Once you have the bag open, you will notice a ziploc style closure. Your beans stay fresh longer and protected from the elements. One of the coolest coffee bags I have ever seen. Kudos to Pinebrook Coffee Roasters.

Okay, Now to the coffee.

Have you ever opened a fresh bag of coffee beans and the aroma was so enchanting, you just couldn’t get enough? That is how I felt when opening my Honduras Finca. A full force of this enchanting aroma filled my head. I didn’t think I would even have to taste it to get the full pleasure from the coffee.

What did it smell like? Really good coffee! I don’t try to pick out some fragrance, I just let the aroma fill my senses. This one does. If I had to describe it in one sentence it would be this.

The fragrance lets your mind drift to a place where there is always good coffee. #tmcc Click To Tweet

I couldn’t get enough of this rich, deep aroma. I kept my nose in the bag for a couple minutes. My mind kept drifting to places where nothing but the aroma of coffee filled the air. I can still smell it hours after my first hint of a fine coffee.

The Coffee, The Experience

Here we go. What I’m sure you are wanting to know. How did it taste?

I was telling a friend that coffee is more than just a beverage we drink. It is about a taste, a lifestyle and the experience you have with each cup.

My Pinebrook Coffee Roasters Review is about just that. An experience in every cup. My review tasting consisted of two cups of their Honduran Finca. One black, the other with my favorite creamer. Yes, I like creamer in my coffee. But I truly appreciate how a really good coffee tastes black. This one stacks up nicely.

Being a medium-dark roast, it has a full bodied, rich, long lasting taste that makes it very easy to drink. I didn’t detect any bitterness in the coffee, nor was it overpowering.

This was my first Honduran coffee and I am very pleased. The beans looked as thouth they were very evenly roasted. Roasted to perfection.


If you are looking for a deep, full bodied, easy to drink coffee; one that you can drink every day, this one is for you.

There you have it. My Pinebrook Coffee Roasters review of their really good, Honduran Finca coffee.

In case you are wondering, I have no affiliation with Pinebrook. I do follow them on Twitter where you can to. @pinebrookroast

Be sure to tell them you first heard about their coffee here at The Morning Coffee Cup.

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