Panama Geisha Coffee Review 2016 Esmeralda Gets 92 Point Rating

panama geisha coffee reviewThis season has produced another fantastic Geisha coffee. In fact, my Panama Geisha coffee review of this 92 point rated coffee has started. My first tasting is nothing short of superb. Before I jump into the review, if you are new to The Morning Coffee Cup, you need to know that I review coffees that I drink from a casual point of view. I don’t put a lot of “technical” or “geeky” coffee lingo in my reviews. Coffee is meant to be enjoyed as you drink it. Not analyzed like a science experiment. Okay, enough of the intro stuff. Let’s get to the coffee.

Panama Geisha Coffee Review – First Tasting

The Aroma
Yesterday I got my coffee and couldn’t wait so I opened it for the aroma sensation. As the bag was opened, the aroma started drifting up into my nostrils. Delightful, but not enough. I put my nose full force into the bag and inhaled as much as I could very slowly. Now that was what I was hoping to smell.

My 2016 Panama Geisha Coffee has a fantastic first impression. It has the typical “coffee” fragrance in that is a very pleasing, but more so it has a meditative sense about it. I got hints of an earthy, open air aroma. I liked it alot! So of course, I stuck my nose back in the bag for more. I’m sure you will like it to.

First Taste

This morning I had my first cup. I remember last year’s Geisha coffee and the fact that it was really smooth. Thinking back on that tasting, I really do believe this one is somewhat smoother.

I really do enjoy a great cup of coffee. Even though I approach it from a casual point of view, this really is an amazing coffee. My first thought of my first cup was, smooth and very easy to drink black with absolutely no bitterness.

The bag says it is the #1 Geisha coffee in the world. I’ll say this, whether it is or not, it is my #1 Geisha coffee.

It’s sometimes hard to describe taste to someone, especially if you have never had really good coffee. Sure your coffee that you get from the grocery may taste good to you but once you taste coffee like this 2016 Panama Geisha, you just may never drink your current coffee again.

How it Was Brewed

Just so you will know, my first cup was brewed like I do most of the coffee I drink. This way I can get a true feeling of how I will enjoy the rest of it.

I actually used my refillable k-cup using my Keurig coffee maker. Don’t shoot me all you coffee connoisseurs, I do slow-pours too. My next tasting of this find Geisha coffee will be a slow-pour and I will make it a bit stronger in order to get a really full flavored cup.


I’ll conclude my Panama Geisha coffee review with this. The price is higher than your typical everyday coffee. But when you want to splurge and have a really great cup of coffee, one that you will truly enjoy drinking, this is one that I highly recommend you drink.

You will be hard pressed to find such a smooth, refreshing, exhilarating, thought provoking, enjoyable coffee outside this Panama Geisha coffee.

If you don’t get a bag or two of this coffee to drink, you will be missing one of life’s exceptional pleasures.

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panama geisha coffee review

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