Panama Esmeralda Coffee K-Cup Review Plus Bonus Review

Panama Esmeralda Coffee is truly a fine coffee. If I had to sum it up in just one word, which is impossible, that word would be smooth. But let me tell you this, Panama Esmeralda coffee is so much more than smooth. It is a relaxing, well roasted, easy to drink, deliciously smooth coffee. But get this, it is now available in a convenient K-Cup packaging. Does this take away from the smooth taste?

My Panama Esmeralda Coffee K-Cup Review

Not in the least. In fact, it is as good as the Panama Esmeralda that I reviewed as a whole bean coffee. It is smooth, refreshing, exhilarating, thought provoking, enjoyable coffee. I think of this coffee as maybe the English think of their afternoon tea. A very sociable coffee indeed.

There is one difference in this Panama Esmeralda coffee from the last, the K-Cup style packaging. Convenience is the driving factor of this review. The coffee is still great, so if you want great coffee an the convenience of not having to grind the beans and brew, this is a perfect and natural choice.

The Bonus
As the title of this review says, there is a bonus. There are two more coffees that I reviewed at the same time as the Panama Esmeralda coffee. One was a Finca, and the other Auromar Geisha which is actually my favorite of the three.

First the Finca.
My first taste of this one put a puzzled look on my face I’m sure. Not that the coffee is puzzling, but I was surprised at how different it was. The taste is light, and for me, this makes a perfect coffee for a spot of creamer. You could easily drink it black, but my taste buds enjoy a bit of “sweet” added. Try this one in the afternoon with your favorite shortbread cookie. A great combination for a really good cup of coffee.

The Auromar Geisha
Of the three coffees that I reviewed this time from the guys at Panama Coffee Gold, I really enjoy the Auromar Geisha the best.

Rather than simply state the same facts about how good it is, you can read my previous review here. Here are a few reasons you should drink this coffee.

  • It’s smooth, refreshing and very delightful.
  • The aroma is heavenly.
  • Absolutely no bitterness.
  • Easy to drink, even black.
  • One of the highest ranked coffees in the world.
  • Did I say it is really good?

It is always a delight to drink and review coffee from these guys and now the K-Cup packaging makes it so easy for those of you who want a really fine coffee without the hassle of grinding the beans.

auromar geisha coffee

Enjoy your coffee.

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