Memories of an Old Fashioned Coffee Grinder

old-fashioned-coffee-grinderIs the old fashioned coffee grinder making a comeback? With all the electric grinders on the market, coffee drinkers seem to have forgotten the old fashioned coffee grinders that are now classified as antiques.

Whether or not they are making a comeback, I don’t know. But I can remember as a young boy, my Granny had one in her kitchen and I can actually remember grinding coffee with her. She would pour in her coffee beans and let me start the grinding process.

Old Fashioned Coffee Grinder

I would grab the handle and start turning it round and round. It was so cool and so much fun. But the best part? That was when she would open the little drawer and there would be a pile of ground coffee. Coffee that I had ground myself.

She never let me drink the coffee after she brewed it, but it sure did smell good. She lived to be 99 and grinding coffee with her using her old fashioned coffee grinder is still one of my fondest childhood memories.

I’m not sure what happened to that little grinder but I sure wish I had it today. It could tell me more about coffee than I’ll ever learn from today’s coffee equipment.

So, are they making a comeback? Or are they just a lost memory from days gone by? Either way, there’s something about the old style grinders that say, “I know real coffee. If you want real ground coffee, get to know me and I’ll never let you down.”

What I do know is this. They are one of the coolest parts of the coffee brewing process. I just love the way that old fashioned coffee grinder looked and how it felt as I would grind my Granny’s favorite beans. That simple little device helped brew many a good cup of coffee while creating some truly fond memories.

coffee-grinder coffee-photos-gold-coffee-grinder
coffee-grinder coffee-grinder

Do you have a story about an old fashioned coffee grinder? I would like to hear it so if you will, leave a comment in the box below.

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  1. These old fashioned coffee grinders have such character. They would make a great collection. I’m sure you and your Granny enjoyed her grinder too.

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