How to Make Coffee Step by Step That Tastes Great Every Time

how to make coffee step by step

Make a Cup of Coffee

When people ask how to make a cup of coffee step by step, the simple answer is, it depends. I realize you may be thinking that it is only a cup of coffee, but making a great cup of coffee varies. It will depend on the type of coffee maker you have. It depends on the type of roast you prefer. It also depends on the water you use. So just how do you make a cup of coffee step by step? 

I'll tell you...

How to Make Coffee So Good You'll Never Waste Money on Starbucks Again

How to Make Coffee Step by Step

Making a great cup of coffee is not rocket science. But how to make coffee step by step is a bit more detailed. It all starts with the bean.

With so many options, when it comes to choosing the right coffee beans, from single origin, growing region and many other concerns, it boils down to what do you like.

If you have had a coffee before that you enjoyed, I suggest you start there. Choose your coffee in whole bean form.
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The next step in the process is the grinder. There are two basic types of coffee grinders. Blade and Burr.

Though some people, usually coffee geeks, not to be degrading as these guys know the science of coffee to the T, prefer a burr grinder. It gives you a more uniform grind. This can be important if you are looking to brew an espresso as it will be an even grind that is finer than the blade type can produce.
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The Coffee Maker

Next in how to make coffee step by step is the coffee maker. I use to use my Keurig. It worked perfectly for me. Then I discovered a better way to make a better cup of coffee.

I now use my Chemex. Wouldn't trade it for the world. A chemex is perfect for making a pour-over or slow-brew coffee. It's a simple coffee maker. In fact, it looks like a glass beaker you see in a science lab. In my opinion, it can make bad coffee taste somewhat better.
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The Step by Step

Now that you know to buy whole beans and the fact that I feel the Chemex makes a much better cup of coffee, let me give you the how to make coffee step by step.

  1. Buy whole beans. Don't question this step. Just know your coffee will taste better.
  2. Use the right grinder. It's pretty much your choice. Burr or blade.
  3. Chemex is the way to go. A simple coffee maker for a better cup of coffee.
  4. Filters matter. I use only Chemex filters. They fit, they work. 
  5. Put the filter in the chemex.
  6. Add your freshly ground coffee into the filter. Two tablespoons for a travel mug size coffee. (this will vary depending on how strong you like your coffee.
  7. The water. The water should come to a slight boil, then let it calm down before adding.
  8. Slowly pour about 1/3 cup of water over the grounds. Let it bloom about 30 seconds. This allows the coffee to expand releasing it's full flavors.
  9. Add the rest of the water slowly. You don't want to pour all of it at one time.
  10. Let all the water seep into your Chemex.
  11. Remove the filter.
  12. Pour the coffee into your favorite cup and enjoy.

Now you know how to make coffee step by step. 

What's next?

As you try various combinations, types and amounts of coffee, water and coffee makers, you will learn how you like your coffee best. Once you do, stick to it. Make it repeatable for a more enjoyable coffee experience.

Are these step by step instructions for making coffee the only way to brew a great cup? No. Like I always say, coffee is meant to be enjoyed not analyzed to shreds. 

The steps for making coffee will vary depending on your coffee maker and how you like your coffee. However, the basic steps are always the same.

A. The right coffee

B. The right grind

C. The right amount

D. The right water

As you see, there is no one single perfect way to brew a perfect cup. Just find one you like, brew it the best you can and enjoy it.

You don't have to know how to make coffee step by step. Just make it the way you like it.

Find a coffee you like, try different methods of brewing and you will learn to appreciate and enjoy a coffee lifestyle.

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