Local Food Trucks Near Me – A Fast Growing Trend In Food Industry

local food trucks near me
Food trucks are a growing trend in the food industry. Their popularity has increased in recent years and there is good reason. Experience, Food, Fun. But have you ever asked yourself where are the local food trucks near me?

Local Food Trucks Near Me

You have seen them in the larger cities. There have network shows about them like Food Network. But where are all the local food trucks near me? That question has now been answered in the East Texas town of Longview.

Recently I interviewed the owner of a new food truck in Longview. They call it Street Licious. Owned and operated by Don and Judy Raiford, they are the newest members of this growing trend in the food industry.

They have answered the question of where to find local food trucks near me. They serve up a selection of awesome, gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches along with some killer homemade chips.

If you are anywhere near Longview, Texas you need to look them up. When you do, tell them you heard about them here at The Morning Coffee Cup.

The Interview

TMCC: Why a food truck? Of any business you could have started, why did you decide to go with a food truck?

Street Licious: We were wanting to create a business opportunity that would support our family. We believed we would be successful, but in the event we fell flat on our faces, we would have a much larger market to sell a truck to than a brick and mortar location.

TMCC: Street Licious says “Gourmet Grilled Cheese”. What makes your sandwiches “gourmet”?

Street Licious: Evidently, gourmet is one of the words in the food industry that means something different to everyone. We take it to mean that it is the special care you take to prepare a sandwich that is really, really good.

TMCC: I can attest to that with certainty. I love the grilled onions and mushroom grilled cheese sandwich you have. What other types of items will be on your menu?

Street Licious: Our main focus is to offer three or four sandwich choices and fresh fried potato chips. Our “Rocky Chips” seasoning is a huge hit. We may offer a dessert also.

TMCC: Is there one sandwich that is your favorite?

Street Licious: I really like the pulled pork sandwiches. Our most popular is the pulled pork with mac & cheese. I also like the strawberry / cream cheese dessert sandwich.

TMCC: Dessert sandwich? Wow, I’ll have to be sure to try one. Do you see food trucks in your area a fad or a growing trend in business?

Street Licious: Approximately a year and a half ago, the City of Tyler hosted a food truck seminar where food truck professionals and health departments could become more informed of the food truck industry.

They described the food truck industry as the fastest growing market in the restaurant industry, not only in the United States, but the world.

TMCC: Will Street Licious be available for catering for special events?

Street Licious: Yes. Currently, we will focus on special events as we build experience. Once we learn our limitations, we will be available for catering also.

TMCC: What are your normal hours of operation going to be and is there a specific location or area where you will be?

Street Licious: We haven’t set normal hours yet, nor have we worked out a scheduled route. We are focusing on special events. We are not sure how the daily stops will work out at this time.

TMCC: Do you have a social media presence?

Street Licious: Yes. We have a following on social media, so we will focus on sharing our menus and schedules more frequently through those outlets.

TMCC: What are your plans for Street Licious and local food trucks near me?

Street Licious: The game plan is very simple. Do what it takes to have a place to open as often as possible.

TMCC: I’m a fan of Street Licious. Like I mentioned earlier, after tasting the grilled onion and mushroom sandwich, I know why they call it gourmet.

You can find Street Licious on Facebook. Go tell them hi and be sure to “Like” them. Now you know where to find local food trucks near me and you.

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