List of Coffee Drinks You Should Make at Home to Enjoy

tmcc-affiliate-linksThere are coffee drinks then there is the list of coffee drinks you should make at home. Making various coffee drinks is not difficult at all. In fact, with this list, you can start enjoying more than just black coffee or coffee with cream. How many do you think you will try?

List of Coffee Drinks

Let’s get started with the list. Hold on just a second, I need to take a sip of my morning coffee. Ah. Now I’m ready.

  • 1. Black Coffee – This is an easy one. Just brew your favorite of coffee and that’s it. Nothing to add. Just enjoy.
  • 2. Coffee with Creamer – This is how I drink most of my coffee. I brew up a good cup and add some Italian Sweet Creamer. Perfect for starting my day.
  • 3. A Good Latte – It’s hard to beat a good latte. If you have a good milk frother you can easily make this one at home. I’m a vanilla type latte drinker.
  • 4. Espresso – Now we are getting to the strong stuff. Some people like their espresso straight. Me? Well, I’ve already listed my favorites.
  • 5. Cappuccino – With a really good coffee to start with, a cappuccino makes my list of coffee drinks you may want to try.
  • 6. Iced Coffee – These coffee drinks can be very refreshing, but I prefer hot coffee.
  • list of coffee drinks

    The list of coffee drinks can go on and on as there are dozens of them. Rather than listing more of them here, this is one of the best coffee drink recipe books that you can own. It is loaded with lots of your favorites as well as many you may not be familiar with.

    A Few More Types of Coffee Drinks
    Gingerbread Coffee
    Irish Coffee
    Creole Coffee
    Eggnog Latte – perfect for the holidays
    Coffee Shake

    As you explore the various lists of coffee drinks you encounter in your world of coffee, I’m sure you will find many more that you will want to try. I suggest you do try others so that you will fully enjoy this fine beverage made from a little bean.

    Here’s to a good cup of coffee!

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