Latte Art May Be Cool But I’ll Just Drink Mine Thank You

latte artI’m sure you have seen all the latte art and yes it is cool. But for me, I’ll just drink mine.

The guys and gals who do all this latte art have way more patience than me. I could never complete one because I like the taste more than I have the talent to draw in my coffee.

It does amaze me at their talents as I have seen some really cool and imaginative art in a coffee cup. From simple smiley faces to elaborate dragons it is obvious there are talented artists who enjoy a good latte.

Cool Latte Art

For all of you who enjoy latte art, I have scoured the internet looking for those that I could at to my favorites list. I wanted to share with you what I found.

Click to Close This one came from CoffeeGeek by Bobby Ellis. You can find more by Bobby and others here that are really cool. The CoffeeGeek has lots of interesting latte art as well as more good coffee stuff. It’s worth your time to visit them and see what it is all about.

World Championship Latte Art

Did you know there is a Latte Art World Championship Open? Truly. It’s an event to show off your artistic abilities and creativeness with coffee, especially the latte drawings. There are even cash prizes. Who knew? Check it out here.


Yes, it seems that latte art is a world wide craft enjoyed by the masses. At least lots of coffee drinkers enjoy it. If you think you have what it takes to be a latte artist, jump right in and give it your best. For me, I’ll stick to the coffee art you hang on the wall.

If you decide you don’t like the design, no problem. Just drink and enjoy the latte. For me, it is amazing, art in a coffee cup. But then as I said, I drink mine way before the art is even started. Drink up!

You might enjoy this book: The Art and Craft of Coffee

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