Kotowa Coffee Review Another Great Coffee You Have to Try

I have been fortunate to have been presented with two great coffees to review recently. Both were supplied by the folks at Panama Coffee Gold Reserve in Ontario, Canada. If the two that I have tasted this weekend are any indication of how they roast coffee, then they know their business.

Today I’ll be reviewing their Kotowa Coffee which is an organic coffee from the Duncan Estate. They are located in the Boquete region of Chiriqui Province in western Panama.

So much for that, let’s get to the Kotowa Coffee review.

Kotowa Coffee Review

Yesterday I wrote my review of their Auromar Geisha Coffee, which is one of the very best coffees you will ever taste. Today is the Kotowa Coffee. Another great coffee yet for different reasons.

The Aroma

Opening the bag is one of the exciting parts about new coffee reviews. As I get it open, I will close my eyes to let nothing but the aroma fill my senses. I let it take me to the regions of its origins in all its glory. And this one was full of aromatics as it sailed through my nostrils. A great start.

The Cup

After grinding a few beans, which by the way are roasted to a deep brown perfection, I started my first brewed cup. The color was rich and deep with hints of a luscious caramel color. As my cup of Kotowa Coffee was brewing, I again let the aroma take me to that place where nothing else matters.

The Taste

Since this is a Kotowa Coffee review, I know you want to know how it tasted. Do you remember the 7Up commercials years ago where the fellow in a white suit tasted the soda? Marvelous, baby, marvelous.

Though not a dark bold roast, the flavors are full of life and they came bursting at me as the coffee hit my tongue. For me, this is the perfect get your day started type of coffee.


This is another great coffee.  This Kotowa Coffee is a perfect balance between full body, full flavored with a great finish. There are even little subtle hints of sweet chocolate. You won’t be disappointed.

There you have it. Another coffee I really do like. My Kotowa Coffee Review.

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