Here are five answers to one of the most frequently asked coffee questions, “Is coffee good for you?”

If only we had a nickel for every study that has been conducted on America’s favorite beverage, coffee. Some will say yes while others respond with a resounding no. So who do you believe?

Let Me Ask You

Before I get to the answers, let me ask you a couple of question. Do you enjoy a good cup of coffee? Is it your favorite beverage? How many cups do you drink each day? Finally, is coffee good for you?

I don’t think there is one simple answer to the question, “Is coffee good for you” so I have compiled my own study and five answers to help you find your answer.Is Coffee Good For You

Is Coffee Good For You? The Answers

  • When you wake up each morning and rush to get that first cup of coffee without tripping over the cat, then yes it is good for you.

  • If the second cup tastes as good as the first, then I say yes to the question is coffee good for you.

  • On your way to work if you stop at the nearest coffee shop for another cup and then make it to the office without spilling it, then the answer is yes.

  • If you really don’t care, whether coffee is good for you or not, then once again the answer is yes.

  • Finally, how you can really know the answer to the question “Is coffee good for you”…

  • If you go to bed dreaming of your morning cup of coffee with a smile on your face, then coffee is good for you.

  • Conclusion to the question, is coffee good for you?

    If you really enjoy a good cup and it has not caused you hair to fall out, then I say, drink up and grab a second cup of your favorite hot coffee and don’t worry about it.

    What is your answer to the question, “Is coffee good for you?”

    The Most Frequently Asked Coffee Question: Is Coffee Good For You?
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