The Most Frequently Asked Coffee Question: Is Coffee Good For You?

Here are five answers to one of the most frequently asked coffee questions, “Is coffee good for you?”

If only we had a nickel for every study that has been conducted on America’s favorite beverage, coffee. Some will say yes while others respond with a resounding no. So who do you believe?

Let Me Ask You

Before I get to the answers, let me ask you a couple of question. Do you enjoy a good cup of coffee? Is it your favorite beverage? How many cups do you drink each day? Finally, is coffee good for you?

I don’t think there is one simple answer to the question, “Is coffee good for you” so I have compiled my own study and five answers to help you find your answer.Is Coffee Good For You

Is Coffee Good For You? The Answers

  • When you wake up each morning and rush to get that first cup of coffee without tripping over the cat, then yes it is good for you.

  • If the second cup tastes as good as the first, then I say yes to the question is coffee good for you.

  • On your way to work if you stop at the nearest coffee shop for another cup and then make it to the office without spilling it, then the answer is yes.

  • If you really don’t care, whether coffee is good for you or not, then once again the answer is yes.

  • Finally, how you can really know the answer to the question “Is coffee good for you”…

  • If you go to bed dreaming of your morning cup of coffee with a smile on your face, then coffee is good for you.

  • Conclusion to the question, is coffee good for you?

    If you really enjoy a good cup and it has not caused you hair to fall out, then I say, drink up and grab a second cup of your favorite hot coffee and don’t worry about it.

    What is your answer to the question, “Is coffee good for you?”

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    6 thoughts on “The Most Frequently Asked Coffee Question: Is Coffee Good For You?

    1. I can say all the same things with that as a grease ball burger with extra cheese and bacon.

      FYI: Caffeine in coffee beans is a poisen to keep away bugs. So drinking small amounts of poisen to boost energy is good for you? It’s positive benefits are highly out weighted by tea, without any of the possibilities of addiction.

      1. Alex, I would say that most coffee drinkers don’t drink it to boost their energy. A true lover of coffee drinks it because they like it. The same if you like cheese burgers, you eat them because you like them.

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