My Interview with Matt of Roasty Coffee

roasy-coffeeI have been following the blog of a fellow that obviously enjoys coffee, brewing coffee and just about anything coffee. His site has loads of good information for anyone who loves this delectable beverage, but especially those of you who may be new to the world of coffee.

As a reader of The Morning Coffee Cup, I know you are always looking for good coffee and anyway that will make it more enjoyable for you. From selecting beans to the best method of brewing, my interview with Matt, of Roasty Coffee will give you a glimpse into his world as he shares a cup with all of us.

My Interview with Matt of Roasty Coffee

Q1. What is your first memory of coffee?
A1. My mother used to drink a lot of coffee. Folgers French Roast or Maxwell House. She and my father drank a lot of coffee. Because it was so accepted, I was drinking coffee at a young age. I don’t remember my very first memory, but it was a staple in my household growing up.

Q2. What is your background and what made you decide to start Roasty?
A2. I am a website designer and brand builder. My full-time gig is I’ve been in the pool industry for almost my entire life. I wanted to start another website to prove to myself that wasn’t just a fluke, and I was really into coffee at the time. So I started Roasty to answer all the questions I had about coffee. I wanted to build a site that I would enjoy visiting.

Q3. You write a lot about brewing. Do you feel different brewing methods make a significant difference in the taste of coffee?
A3. Yes, without a doubt. My favorite is the pour-over chemex method. It’s slow and it produces a clean cup of coffee, similar to an aeropress, which is my second choice. I like using a french press sometimes if I feel the coffee needs to be steeped longer to give it more body.

Q4. Would you consider yourself a coffee connoisseur or a casual coffee drinker?
A4. I am a casual drinker who appreciates a great cup. I go the extra mile when buying and making coffee, so I’m not an average coffee drinker, but I’m certainly not a connoisseur.

Q5. When it comes to coffee, do you consider yourself a Hipster?
A5. Yes, but light hipster. Just hipster enough to be dangerous.

Q6. You write about “slow coffee” vs. single cup brewers. Why is slow coffee better?
A6. Because it doesn’t hurt the enviroment and coffee is meant to be enjoyed, not as a drug. The drug is just a nice side-effect to a tasty brew.

Q7. If someone is just starting to learn to enjoy coffee, what is your best advice?
A7. Drink a lot of coffee at a lot of places to figure out what roast you like first. Then figure out the bean, then start brewing yourself. Pick something simple. I started with a French Press.

I want to say thanks to Matt of Roasty for taking time to participate in this interview about our favorite beverage, coffee. I hope all of you enjoyed this short Q&A session.

roasy-coffeeMatt’s Bio – Roasty Coffee
Matt’s background is in building websites and brands. He is an entertaining entrepreneur, website wizard, podcast producer, music maker, video veteran, and alliteration addict. He tweets about online business where you can find and follow him on Twitter @roastycoffee

Though he has been in the swimming pool industry most of his life, his passion is building websites and coffee. Coffee is part of who he is and has been from an early childhood.

Visit him at and let him know you heard of his Roasty Coffee first, right here on The Morning Coffee Cup.

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