How to Make a Pour Over Cup of Coffee That will Knock Your Socks Off

how to make a pour over cup of coffee
cool coffee namesHow to make a pour over cup of coffee right at home that will knock your socks off with great flavor. There is no mistake, a pour over coffee is so much better than any other method of brewing coffee you will ever experience. I’m talking a whole new world of fine coffee. And you don’t have to be a coffee geek or connoisseur to enjoy the best coffee you will ever drink using this method. And it’s easy.

How to Make a Pour Over Cup of Coffee

how to make a pour over cup of coffee

Chemex Classic Series Glass Coffee Maker

the morning coffee cup
Those who love coffee, love Chemex. From its timeless design to its patented brewing process, Chemex ensures the best coffee experience you can imagine, each and every time.

This is how to make a pour over cup of coffee.

    Step 1. The Grind
    Of course, good coffee starts with the bean. Select your favorite whole bean coffee then grind it to a medium to medium coarse grind.

    Tip: Using a burr grinder delivers a more consistent particle size. This allows for a more even extraction and fuller taste in your cup.

    Step 2. Time to filter
    If you are using your Chemex, their bonded coffee filters work best. Fold the filter into a cone with the layered side facing the pouring spout. Place the cone into the top and get ready to add the ground coffee.

    Step 3. The measure
    For a normal brewing, place about one tablespoon of ground coffee into the filter for every 5 to 6 ounces of water. If you like your coffee a bit stronger, more of the ground coffee.

    Tip: You may need to experiment with the exact amounts to obtain your desired strength of coffee.

    Step 4. Time to bloom
    Now that you have your filter in place with the coffee grounds in place, heat your water to a boil. Once boiling, remove it from the heat letting it settle for a moment. Slowly pour a small amount of water over the grounds. You want to insure they are completely wet. Wait about 30 to 45 seconds to allow them to bloom. This process releases all the good elements and flavors from the grounds.

    Step 5. Time to pour
    Once your coffee grounds have “bloomed”, slowly pour the brewing water over the grounds. You want to be sure you keep the water below the top of your Chemex or whichever brand brewer you are using.

    Step 6. Keep brewing
    Now you can continue to slowly pour the remaining water over the grounds. You should use a circular or back and forth motion as you pour. You want to ensure an even soaking of your coffee grounds.

    Step 7. Almost done
    Once the desired amount of coffee has completed brewing, remove the filter with the spent grounds from the brewer and discard.

    Tip: If you are into gardening, plants love spent coffee grounds. You may consider spreading them around your plants.

    Step 8. The time has come
    Enjoy the very best, the most perfect cup of coffee you will ever experience.

That my coffee drinking friend answers the age old question of how to make a pour over cup of coffee. And yes, it is so good it will knock your socks off.

Time for another cup of coffee.

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