How Do You Make Coffee Creamer at Home

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Make Coffee Creamer at Home
If you are a casual coffee drinker like me, you love your coffee with creamer. I always taste my coffee black and may even have a few sips before I add my creamer. Normally I stick to my Italian Sweet Cream but I have been reading about how you can make coffee creamer at home.

How Do You Make Coffee Creamer?

It really is simple to make your own flavored creamer for your coffee right at home. With only a few simple ingredients you can whip up some very tasty, delightful creamers.

Here’s What You Need.

    1. Condensed milk
    2. Whole milk (2% or reduced fat is okay but who wants to skimp on flavor?)
    3. Flavoring (choose your favorite)
    4. Jar with lid

That’s all you need to make coffee creamer at home. I suggest you try various amounts the ingredients until you find just the right amount that you enjoy the most.
make coffee creamer at home
Now let’s whip up a batch.

  • Pour about a cup of the condensed milk into the jar. Next add about 2 cups of your milk.
  • Put the lid on the jar and shake for about 20 seconds or until the two liquids are well blended.
  • Next open the jar and add your flavoring. You could add this before shaking but I prefer to add it at this point.
  • Close the jar again and shake for a few more seconds. You want the flavoring to fully blend with the condensed milk and regular milk.
  • I suggest you taste your new coffee creamer before you add it to your coffee. This is so that you will know if the balance of the ingredients are to your taste.

    If not, add more of the one you feel is needed. If you like your new creamer, add it to your favorite cup of coffee, stir and enjoy.

    Pretty simple huh?

    Now you know how to make coffee creamer at home. If you enjoy various flavors, try them too. A couple of my favorites are: vanilla (okay so I’m a vanilla sort of guy), almond, hazelnut, cinnamon.

    Enjoy your newly, homemade coffee creamer.

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